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Biography - SCARS OF ENVY

Ethan - Vocals | Jeff - Lead Guitars | Rich - Guitars | John - Bass | Marc - Drums

SCARS OF ENVY is the creative power of five dedicated and driven musicians joining forces at the precise moment in time to achieve an explosively charged sound - like the birth of a new solar system - its electric charge reaches beyond the realm of all expectations - unleashing its magic to blaze a trail across the future sounds of metal. The members of the band were forged together like fiery molten metals in a cavernous cauldron of audio aggression - the sound of a new generation!

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Current News:
- Show with Fear Factory on Aug. 5, 2016 at Starland Ballroom
- Recently played with Hatebreed, DevilDriver, Devil You Know, In This Moment and Vision of Disorder
- 2018 Asbury Park Music Awards Nominee for TOP HEAVY/PROG ACT
- New video for 'OBEY!' coming soon

May 8, 2015 Release: 'New Damn Nation'
Album Cover Artist: RF Pangborn
1. Blood Moon
2. One Last Breath
3. The End?
4. New Damn Nation
5. Nevermore
6. Overkill The Exodus
7. OBEY!
8. Retribution of Earth
9. Stronger Than The Storm
10. Zombapocalypse
11. Hate The Hate
12. It's Time!
13. Dream To Reality
14. The Prophecy

At the dawn of a revolution forth-coming, the album ‘New Damn Nation’ exploits the “system’s” lack of control while anarchy and rebellion ensue on our streets. Power is being restored to the people while the fabric of our nation is being unstitched and burned to the ground. ‘OBEY’ empowers the will of standing up against all odds even when the chips are down. To persevere through anarchy and control. To open our eyes to the system that dictates human behavior. ‘STRONGER THAN THE STORM’ is a song about how humanity overcame natures wrath of Superstorm Sandy and how we persevered in our darkest hours.

June 11, 2011 Release: 'Forsaken Me'
Album Cover Artist: Dorian Cleavenger
1. Bred To Conquer
2. At War Within
3. Carry The Wounded
4. Forsaken Me
5. T-Minus Zero (Mother Earth)
6. Smear
7. Center
8. System Failure
9. Communion (In Black)
10 Engine of Chaos

Forsaken Me, an album that exemplifies the band’s devotion to delve into the heart of humanity, showcases a myriad of immense rhythms, while unleashing euphoric choruses that tap into the pulse of each listener. The evocative passage ‘Bred to Conquer’ reminisces to the infinite battle of good versus evil that began at the dawn of time, and yet, continues to wage on worldwide. ‘Forsaken Me’, an individual narrative of one’s strength to defy the constant attacks of malice, ruin and projected misery, glorifies self-awareness, adopts personal boundaries and is written to enrich the soul. The thunderous hymn ‘Carry The Wounded’ praises mercy for those of us who yearn for refuge in our darkest hours and salutes the spirit of our brethren who sacrifice themselves to aid us back to repair. ‘Smear’ talks about love/hate relationships. How.. as much as you have loved and lost, you still have some connection to those you no longer wish to see. A smear remains in your heart, mind and soul


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