SCARS OF ENVY is the creative power of five dedicated and driven musicians joining forces at the precise moment in time to achieve an explosively charged sound - like the birth of a new solar system - its raw energy reaches beyond the realm of all expectations - unleashing its magic to blaze a trail across the future sounds of metal. The members of the band were welded together like fiery molten metals forged in a cavernous cauldron of audio aggression - the sound of a new generation!

Genre: METAL - Location: Hazlet, NJ U.S.A.


Please Help Rocky

When Rocky was young, we found out he has a heart murmur and 2 diseased heart valves, a very delicate GI track, food and environmental allergies, deformed paw pads due to Keratin overgrowth that will (at times) make it difficult for him to walk and must be removed periodically.  He requires Apoquel daily for allergies ($65/month), annual ultrasounds of heart and valves, prescription food and constant visits for bouts with GI issues.  Although very happy and playful, these conditions have left him weak at times and he requires a dog wagon while out in case he needs to rest.

Join the Fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Click the image below to be redirected to the ‘Maren Slagel Fund’ page.

Shot from SLAYER's The Final Tour of Ethan hanging with our homies in Ixion Lux, Nuse, Stagger, Negative Sky, Pierced, New Theory and The Metallicave

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