'New Damn Nation' CD ©2015


'New Damn Nation' CD ©2015


The 2015 release of Scars of Envy's second album titled 'New Damn Nation' 1. Blood Moon

2. One Last Breath

3. The End?

4. New Damn Nation

5. Nevermore

6. Overkill The Exodus

7. OBEY!

8. Retribution of Earth

9. Stronger Than The Storm

10. Zombapocalypse

11. Hate The Hate

12. It's Time!

13. Dream To Reality

14. The Prophecy


Artwork by RF Pangborn https://www.facebook.com/pangbournearts/

C & P 2015 Saturn Music, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Duplication Is A Violation Of Applicable Laws. Printed in the U.S.A. © 2015 Scars Of Envy Ent. Ltd.

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